Collab: $20 Makeup Haul Challenge

A few weeks back I thought why not do a “$20 Makeup Haul Tag” so I decided to tweet about it and luckily, one of our WordPress buddies Stash Matters (Thanks Stashywanted to do this tag with me or else, I will be doing a Makeup Haul Tag all by myself.. HAHA is that even possible??😂

Anyway, I am so excited to share with you what I bought with my $20 dollars (tax excluded) mainly makeup products no skincare or etc. Fortunately, I received an awesome deals from CVS Pharmacy which made my purchases even more exciting!

 So without further adieu let’s begin.

 MILANI Color Statement Lipstick is one of my favorite drugstore lip products in the market today. They come in 32 gorgeous shades which gives you an endless color options to choose from.

Milani LipstickI was able to snag an awesome deal with these lipsticks. Each lipstick retails from $6.29 (prices may vary) while I only paid $2.00 each from Ocean State Job Lot. Isn’t that cool? 🙂


I’m sure most of you have tried this MILANI Color Statement Lipstick and you’ll agree with me that this lipstick is very creamy, super smooth, highly pigmented, the color payoff is amazing with a beautiful gold packaging which you can also see the shade from the outside. This lipstick does have a very subtle and pleasant “fruity” smell (smells like melon to me). It also contains vitamins A and C to hydrate and nourish your lips as well.

I picked the shades Cherry CraveSugar Glaze, and Candied Toffees.

  • Cherry Crave has a little bit of shimmer but not overwhelming when applied on the lips. I would describe this as a “metallic cherry red”shade.
  • Sugar Glaze is a beautiful pink shade. Just like Cherry Crave, it does have a bit of shimmer  but very subtle when applied on the lips, this is great when applied on the center of the lips over your desired lipstick or use it by itself for an everyday look. I would describe this as a “metallic pink” shade.
  • Candied Toffees is the darkest shade of the bunch. With just one swipe you will immediately see the beautiful color on your lips. I would describe this as a “dark brown or dark caramel” or maybe a “bronzy” shade too.


Now, when there’s a lipstick there’s also a Lip Gloss!

Lip Gloss

I am not a huge fan of lip glosses, but when I spotted these..I just couldn’t resist.I have never tried MILANI’S BRILLIANT SHINE LIP GLOSSES so why not give it a shot? These lip glosses retails from $4.22 (price varies from store to store) while I only paid $1.00 each at Walmart. Now, are you going to let that pass? 🙂


I like the sponge-tip applicator on this Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss and the super sleek packaging too. These glosses are highly pigmented, very creamy and so far they feel comfortable on the lips. I also love the pleasant Vanilla scent to it too which is not overwhelming or it doesn’t linger at all. (I have such a sensitive sense of smell that’s why scents matters a lot to me)

  • Sweet Grapefruit is more on the sheer side. You can use this on top of your lipstick or you can also build them up if desired.
  • Mai Tai is pretty much on the orange metallic side. What you see on this photo is pretty much similar up-close. The color is very rich and  vibrant, it looks thick or heavy but this gloss feels very comfortable on the lips. (I used two swipes on this photo)

lipgloss swatchesWho doesn’t love Milani blushes? One of my favorite blushes from Milani Cosmetics is their Baked Blush in Luminoso, and I still reach for it every now and then. In addition to my Milani blushes collection is this beautifully designed powder blush in the shade Romantic Rose.

I love the intricate design of this blush that I don’t even want to ruin it’s look! This blush is ultra soft, super pigmented and the color is just perfect for my skin tone, though it may seemed dark at first glance but this shade gives you a very natural rosy-cheek look.

I’ve been seeing this Milani Everyday Eyes Powder Eyeshadow Collection in every social media channels out there and that made me really intrigued especially when it’s from Milani Cosmetics (again🙈).


Let’s talk packaging shall we?

 Milani Cosmetics always brings out their A Game when it comes to product appeal. The packaging is always over the top elegant, the materials used are great. I love the gold detail on this palette. The plastic cover is very clear that you can see through their eyeshadow colors clearly without even opening the palette.

Earthy Awakening

It also comes with a decent dual-ended eyeshadow brush applicator. (It may not be the best but I don’t mind as I don’t really use the applicator that comes in any palette anyway not unless needed).


The back shows a step-by-step guide on how to create different looks which is brilliant!


They come in six palette shade options and I picked this (05) EARTHY ELEMENTS palette. Every eyeshadow palette consist of six gorgeous shades mainly for contour, color or even to highlight. However, I am a bit disappointed of the consistency on the BASE shadow. It’s very powdery, “chalky” and the fall-outs is just unacceptable. I tried applying it dry and even wet but the result is still the same. But, the rest of the eyeshadows are amazing! I mean for $9.99 what do you expect? I will still use this minus the base . ❤

MILANI swatches

Moving on… Let’s talk Wet n Wild Beauty

I don’t know about you, but I am more of a visual type person. I easily get attracted to appearance and assume that the product is great! (I know..I doesn’t work that way) which lead me to this next item.


Another product from Wet n Wild that’s pretty new is their MegaSlicks Lip Gloss. Whenever I see new products on display, I always purchase one item to check its quality before going back for more.


This lip gloss is surprisingly elegant from the outside for the price of $1.99. It does have a mild “floral scent” to it but it’s not overwhelming which is good. It gained great reviews over MakeupAlley and FYI, I slept with this lip gloss on and I woke up with a very smooth lips (I was actually impressed). What’s great about this lipgloss is you can use it by itself, on top of your lipstick or build them up for more color payoff. Non-drying for sure and not sticky too! Bottom line, it’s very comfortable on the lips.

Last but not the least!

AU Naturel

You all know that I am an avid fan of  Wet n Wild products so much that I never hesitated purchasing this AU Naturel palette collection. This eyeshadow palette is very pigmented, super creamy and the quality of the eyeshadow is AmAzing! I would say that this palette (754A) Nude Awakening is an awesome dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. They come in 10 gorgeous rose-hued shades for the look of your choice. From nudes, to shimmers and even matte shades are available for you. This palette is perfect to carry around in your makeup bag due to it’s lightweight and sleek packaging and it comes with a double ended eyeshadow applicator too. You can definitely create different looks from this palette without a doubt.

Naked AwakeningWnW applicator

I’ve searched the web over and over to find a better link for you guys but I can only find NOUVEAU CHEAP for reviews.  They come in two palette shades (753A) BARE NECESSITIES and (754A) NUDE AWAKENING. This retails for only $5.62 and this palette is Walmart exclusive.

Summary of total purchases and amount spent.


CVS Pharmacy had a “buy 1 get 2nd one half off” deals.

While the coupon I had was:

  1. Spend $15.00 and get $3.00 off your entire purchase
  2. $5.00 off your total purchase
  3. 20% off your total purchase



Note: It wasn’t my intention to be more brand specific but what can I do? They had such great deals that I can’t resist!

So, what do you guys think?

Don’t forget to check out my dear “Stashy” Stash Matters and see what she got for her $20.00.



31 thoughts on “Collab: $20 Makeup Haul Challenge

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  2. Oh my gosh! I’m BEYOND impressed at what you got!!! We don’t have easy access to Milani, but I did see some stuff recently and ONE eye shadow single was $10!
    I got that Milani rose blush last month and it cost me $15. We don’t have coupons like what you guys get there. JEALOUS!
    And I really love that Milani eye shadow palette! I’ve been seeing them all over the place and they look really versatile (but too bad about the base shade)
    Great job and thanks for a fun collab! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      Yeah!! Milani products are awesome… But yeah the base shade is disappointing.. though it’s not the end of the world anyway while the rest of the shades are great. And I’m just so lucky that my coupons started pouring after we chatted.. Infact I just received another 25% off coupon as we speak..haha Truly a Fun Tag.. We do it again.. Soon! And this time I won’t cheat.. Coupons aside.. Hehhe

      Liked by 1 person

    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      really??? hhmmmm…. I just got 25% off coupon today for CVS..hehe I might check it out tomorrow… I love Rimmel.. I might do another Haul soon on Rimmel products.. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      Thanks to CVS Pharmacy coupons and deals..haha I really thought I’d end up going to the dollar store and start scooping all their goods..but Im so happy with what I bought.. thanks for dropping by! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      Thank you and you should try Milani Lipsticks.. If you’re skeptical, just try one and see if you like them.. That’s how I do it.. I also love their Lip pencil. It’s really a great brand. 😍👍🏻


  3. Awesome haul! Milani and Wet n Wild are probably the best low-priced makeup items – I’m so envious at your US prices, though! Milani is pricier here, and even Wet n Wild isn’t as cheap as you’d imagine. Love all the lippies 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      Yay! Thank you.. And that’s unfortunate how pricey it is there.. And I agree.. Milani and WnW are one of the best affordable drugstore makeup in the market today..😍👍🏻


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