e.l.f Cosmetics (mini-haul)



Hola! Kumusta (how are you)?

Today is all about a mini e.l.f Cosmetics haul and a quick review.

I have tried some products from e.l.f before, mainly the powder blush (quad palette) which is really great so I thought why not try something new? I’ve been trying these items for a few weeks now so I guess it’s time to share my thoughts.

Now, enough with the chat and let’s dive in!


This silky smooth powder blush melts into the skin creating a beautiful brightened glow. Formulated to create lasting color that accentuates your features and flatters your skin tone. A built-in mirror and brush are included for convenient flawless application.

This blush comes with a brush (which I don’t really use, but it’s good to have incase you need one) and a mirror that makes it even more appealing to carry around. This blush cost $2.00, totally affordable!


The next item I purchased is the e.l.f. Matte Lip Color in the shade Dash of Pink. I like the packaging of this lipstick, it’s a twist up lip pencil and very safe to throw in your purse. The cap/lid seals tightly which is a huge plus (less mess in your bag), the pigmentation is surprisingly good too and this cost $3.00 which isn’t so bad.

This convenient jumbo sized lip pencil creates exact color application with twist up ease so you never have to sharpen – but we included a sharpener at the base just in case! The pigment rich color glides on effortlessly and easily to provide long lasting matte color. The enriched Vitamin A, C & E formula moisturizes and hydrates lips for beautiful healthy looking lips.

This lipstick claims to be a matte finish, but for some reason it is not! I’m not sure if it’s the shade that I picked but it definitely didn’t stay matte. I find this more on a satin finish (I’m sure some of you will like), this comes off easily and not transfer proof. I always make sure that I apply  a lip balm prior to applying any lip products on my lips but this lip pencil dried my lips out. I’m surprised because the ingredients are really good that helps moisturize and nourish your lips. I’ve worn this several times but I had to put it aside and didn’t reach for it since then.

The formulation is beautiful and the shade Aint That Sweet is surprisingly stunning. I’ve used this a few times and I’m pretty much impressed. It’s really easy to blend, definitely a great primer that makes your powder eyeshadow applies nicely and last longer too. I like to use this all by itself when I am in a rush and no time to apply a full-on makeup for work.


e.l.f Cosmetics is truly a hit or miss, you just have to find the one that works best for you. I know what I like and I’m sure you do too. Care to share your faves?




35 thoughts on “e.l.f Cosmetics (mini-haul)

    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      If you have Old Navy or Charlotte Russe they might have them.. And Thanks for dropping by!! Mwahhh and yes!! Happy Monday indeed.. (Hint-hint: It’s my fave day of the week😍)

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  1. Haha Tiger Balm smell! That stuff is POTENT! The colour is really pretty though!
    I’ve heard a lot of great things about that Facial Whip – It looks it could be good to mix into your foundation to give it some sheen, kind of like MAC Strobe cream. And that cream eye shadow looks like a cheaper alternative to even the Maybeeline Color Tattoo (which is a cheaper alternative to MAC Paint Pot!) And that bronzer / blush duo is SUCH a copy of the Nars ones – haha. Great haul!

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    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      Yes! I asked my hubby to smell it too without mentioning Tiger Balm and he said the same thing..lol and yes I thought about mixing it with either BB cream or foundation for an added glow but nah.. didn’t want to go through all the trouble..hehe and the cream eyeshadow is def. a great alternative for Maybelline Color Tattoo if only they have other shade options, it could be great! And yup.. such a dupe to MAC Paint Pot (a lot said it too) and oh.. I didn’t want to mention the obvious.. haha (NaRs) def. the first thing you’ll remember when you see this right? and thanks for stopping by! 👍🏻😍

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    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      I would say my fave in this entire haul is the blush/bronzer duo. Really nice and super convenient to carry around. I heard that the lipstick is great too but some shades didn’t have a good formulation (so it’s another trial and error kinda thing). Might check out Old Navy or Charlotte Russe, they carry them here maybe you have them there too?

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    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      That’s disappointing..😕 I hope they will open one again.. The shipping is just not worthit if you buy online.. really a hit or miss with e.l.f though.. But I know their blushes and brushes are good..🙂

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        1. MyStyleInsideOut

          Oh wow!! I hope it’s not a Limited Edition brushes right? I love their brushes too, I like the white handle more than the black (professional) ones.

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    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      You’re welcome.. And it’s not matte at all. I love matte lippies but this is nothing close to matte not unless you pat the excess til it dried out. Lol

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