Polish of the Week!


Well Hello!!! If you’ve read my one year anniversary post (Happy Anniversary?!) I did mention that I’ll share twelve (12) posts in twelve consecutive days. After saying that, I said to myself “REALLY?? DID I just SAY THAT??” I was actually scared that I might not be able to commit to that promise but HEY! Here I am now on my twelfth day and my twelfth post! Hurray to me.. pheww…And Thank’s to All of You as you’ve encouraged me to continue sharing, in fact you made my blogging moment so much fun. 🙂 Continue reading “Polish of the Week!”

MILANI Polish of the Week review!


At exactly seven days today from when I applied this MILANI COLOR STATEMENT NAIL LACQUER on my nails and shared to everyone my Polish of the week!. I am going to give a quick review and show you how they’re doing.

I’ve been checking my nails since day 1 to see if there’s any chipping.

Day 2 – The color is still vibrant

Day 3 – No chip or Cracks

Day 4 – I still have my nail polish and nails on.. LOL 🙂

Day 5 – I did find one noticeable chip on my right pointing fingernails. That was because I used this nail to remove staples on the paperwork that I was working on (we do have a staple remover at work you know, but sometimes you just have to let those fingers work..LOL).

Day 6 – My nails were put to the test. I did some general house cleaning, cooked and put my Christmas Tree down (If only I can keep them on all year-round) but these nail lacquer stayed strong and didn’t give up. Though you will notice some fading on the tip of my nails but that’s normal.

Day 7 – I realized that I am beginning to love the formulation of this MILANI COLOR STATEMENT NAIL LACQUER. I am impressed with the staying power, the variety of shade options, the quality, packaging, quick dry AND super affordable too which is a HUGE Plus!


“One Stroke. High Gloss Finish. Long-Lasting Color. This is your time to shine with nails that dropdead dazzle. Milani Cosmetics New Color Statement Nail Lacquer lets you fall in love with your nails all over again. Comprised of the richest, most color-saturated formula, delivering a long list of patent-pending promises to ensure exceptional gloss that actually lasts. Color Statement Nail Lacquer is detergent and chip-resistant, providing maximum nail protection. Available in a variety of different finishes – cream, sheer, metallic – and an abundance of shades – 37 in total, from Pinks and Fuchsias, Lilacs and Purples, Greens and Blues, Nudes and Neutrals, Corals and Reds, to Special Effects and Shimmers– this groundbreaking collection packaged with a unique even glide brush brings flawless fashion straight to your fingertips”.

Now, my all time motto comes into play “Why Pay More when you can Spend Less” for the same quality or in fact even better.

What do you guys think?




Polish of the week!


Here I go again with my other obsession. Nails, nail polish, nail art or anything related to nails makes me happy. This is just a quick post to show you what I did with my nails this week.

Recently I posted a Beauty Haul! and if you’ve checked it out I’m sure you’ve seen some of the MILANI Color Statement Nail Lacquer that I bought.


I wanted to use all the shades that I purchased because they’re just really beautiful but I didn’t want to look funny specially at work so I settled with two shades instead.

In case you’re wondering how I divided the colors,

  • First, of course I need to apply a Base Coat (OPI)
  • second, I painted my nails with the shade Pink Beige
  • then I had to let it dry.
  • placed a clear tape to cover the other part of my nail and since I didn’t have a proper nail accessory, I ended up using a clear tape “be innovative” you know. 🙂
  • then I applied the shade Mauving Forward
  • and finished it with Milani’s Quick Dry Top Coat
I know.. I know.. it’s not great! but practice makes perfect right?

Just an insight, this MILANI COLOR STATEMENT NAIL LACQUER is very smooth, very thick and super rich in color. It does have a glossy finish in just one coat and is available in a variety of different finishes – cream, sheer, metallic or with glitters and comes in 37 shades. It didn’t say that this nail polish is a quick dry though but it felt like it is. However, since the Top Coat is definitely a quick dry, then that made this nail polish to dry even quicker.

And.. voila!


I told you this is just a quick post.. Thank for dropping by!



Polish of the Week!



It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a Polish of the Week for you guys. Now I finally got the chance to share one, featuring a product that I got from my Ipsy Glam Bag back in December.

Before I apply the actual nail polish, I always make sure that I put on a Base Coat. This way it will help keep the nail polish last longer and I also feel like Base Coat helps your nails from getting stained from the nail color itself. I then apply the nail polish of my choice and sealed them with a Clear Coat or Top Coat for shinier and smoother result. Continue reading “Polish of the Week!”

Polish of the Week!

How are you guys doing? I hope you all are having a great fall but “wintery” feel month.. 🙂

I will be sharing a quick nail polish of the week update for everyone and I hope you’ll like it. Continue reading “Polish of the Week!”