Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics (mini-haul)


Over a year ago I received Jesse’s Girl “Pure Pigment Eye Dust” in my IPSY-GLAM BAG (May Edition) and so far the eye pigment is surprisingly good, it’s very pigmented and super smooth.

Since then, I’ve been very curious about their product and lucky enough some of our drugstores carry this brand so I was able to purchase a few.

Back in June, I’ve posted on my Instagram account one of the Jesse’s Girl Matte Finish Lip Color, I did enjoy the lip color so I purchased some more.

Now let’s take a closer look.


I discovered this lip color by accident while my hubby and I was on a quick weekend getaway, and due to being a “blogger” (curious george) I always try to check out the drugstores around because you never know! you might discover a hidden gem somewhere and sure enough I did!


What do I think about Jesse’s Girl Matte Finish Lip Color?

  • The packaging is cute, well made (feels like glass but I’m sure it’s not)
  • Very affordable ($3.99 each)
  • Comes in five shades (but only 4 shades available in store)
  • Available at Rite Aid and Walgreens (drugstores)
  • Smells yummy (reminds me of vanilla ice cream) but doesn’t linger at all
  • The doe foot applicator makes the application really easy
  • Great pigmentation
  • Liquid formulation (not sticky, dries matte) and feels super comfy on the lips
  • Glides smoothly with a velvety matte finish
  • Non-drying, very long lasting and quick dry too
  • And most importantly, it’s transfer proof

My favorite shades of the bunch are Angelic and Sultry.

Swatches (all with one swipe) 


with flash

Outdoor/natural light

Here is a comparison of how cute this liquid lipstick is.


Now let’s check out the eyeshadow palette!


My thoughts on this Jesse’s Girl eyeshadow compact?

  • This is a 9 pan eyeshadow compact (plastic case)
  • Doesn’t have a mirror (but hey! for the price why ask for more?)
  • Very affordable ($3.99)
  • Comes in 5 shade options (I wanted the Tickled Pink but it’s not available) so I picked-up the shade Brown Eyed Girl instead (I don’t have anything like this in my collection “I think”..LOL)
  • Very convenient to carry in your purse
  • Great pigmentation (not chalky and super smooth)
  • Super easy to blend
  • Comes in dual ended eyeshadow applicator (which I’ve used, a lot)
  • Does have a hint of shimmer but very minimal (doesn’t sparkle like a diamond..LOL), not matte but not shimmery either (should I say, semi-matte instead?)
  • Definitely my go-to everyday eyeshadow palette lately


The shades doesn’t have any identifier or names so I just labeled them alphabetically.


While I was swatching the product, I noticed that this eyeshadow applies nicely using a brush or an eyeshadow applicator instead of my fingertips.

Shade B is barely noticeable in this photo but this is such a gorgeous color for all over the lid or to highlight the brow bone using an applicator or an eyeshadow brush.


As you can see, my most used shades in this palette are shades A, B, C, E (for the lid) and I for the crease to add a subtle smokey eye look.


Are your products hypoallergenic?
The definition of hypoallergenic is “having a decreased tendency to provoke an allergic reaction.” Based on this definition, our products are definitely hypoallergenic. The definition of non-allergenic is “having no tendency to provoke an allergic reaction.” Therefore, it cannot be said in truth any product is really non-allergenic. Somebody, somewhere will have a reaction.
Are your products vegan friendly?
Some items are vegan friendly, but most are not. Please see individual product ingredients on the product pages to confirm. We are working on a comprehensive listing of our products that are vegan friendly.
Do your products contain gluten?
Most items do not contain gluten, but some do. Please see individual product ingredients on the product pages to confirm.

For more detailed information please click HERE.


Aside from the formulation, color payoff and affordability of the products mentioned above, this Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics does not test on animals which is a HUGE plus, the Lip Color is made in the USA while the Eyeshadow is made in China (I know what you’re thinking..LOL).

All in all – #verysatisfied

Have you guys tried or heard about this brand?




8 thoughts on “Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics (mini-haul)

  1. I’m SO SUPER jealous of your easy access to Jessie’s Girl! I’ve always wanted to try their nail polishes. The shade Angelic looks really wearable for every day!
    And that eye shadow palette – that looks like something from Buxom or even Kat Von D! 😮 And ONLY FOUR BUCKS? C’mon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      Oh! Yes.. I kept thinking which eyeshadow they look similar too.. It’s the Buxom one. And yes! Really cheap and wearable too they also have some makeup brushes but eehhh doesnt look appealing to me.. And their nail polishes looks nice but never thought of trying one.. Maybe next time??. 😍


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